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Wrist Watch

My first wristwatch design. I was invited to join the NUTS COLLECTION art watch project,

a major collaboration of global designers and NUTS Inc., yielding a collection of 99 creative products. Sold as limited editions, only 999 units of each watch were manufactured.

Designers ranged from Tadanori Yokoo and Syd Mead (famed for Alien designs), to YMO and Lou Beach (David Bowie jacket designer). 

It sounds strange, but the minute I was approached, the design popped into my mind.

The YES LOVE theme was there from the beginning.

I had always been sensitive to the sound of the second hand ticking away time, toward the future.

The concept of time ticking away means there is only one direction to go—forward.

Yet, the sound of the second-hand has the power to revive memories, feelings and scenes of the past. On occasion, it feels like time is marching on, yet at times I feel enveloped in a frozen moment.

When I gaze at my watch hand, ticking away the time,

I see so much love...telling me it’s time to design the shape of love!

The hand and face of this watch integrate an idea based on highly advanced technology.

I wanted to use two clear plates and a second hand. 

I implemented my old card-creating technique, cutting, pasting and folding paper, relying on film to 

get it right. Using my hands helped bring my idea to reality.

The transparent bottom plate (YES) showed the hour, the middle plate (white heart),

the minutes, and the top plate, the seconds. 

Red and black hearts capped opposing ends of the second hand. An ingenious trick—every minute, 

the red and black (Devil’s) heart would take turns hiding the white heart!

The hearts unite, then’s torment. And yet, every hour,

the YES and both hearts would find each other, creating the perfect YES♥.

The second hand was the biggest challenge, as its added weight created uneven movement around the watch. The issue was resolved by varying the paint thickness,

resulting in the world’s first second hand swishing like the Devil’s tail.

The catch copy described the birth of a watch piece propelled by angels!

“Feel love in the moment as time ticks on. Hearts unite, separate and hide.

And then the perfect YES LOVE arrives. Time and love are yours for the moment.”

Client: Nuts Co., ltd.

Artist: Keisuke Unosawa

Art Director: Keisuke Unosawa

Graphic Designer: Keisuke Unosawa

Creative Agency: Venus Spring Inc.

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