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Summer Resort Happenings

Woman in Love

The 80s brought a new culture to Japan, with magazines and art books from 

overseas lining bookstore shelves, and I was one of the first to be baptized! 

Loaded with design concepts and overseas culture, these publications provided 

myriad opportunities to learn more about the field.

Of course, there were other publications available as well—Playboy and Penthouse magazines were

my monthly sources of “pinup girl” posters for my walls.

I was a young male, so I definitely recognized the sexual appeal, but there was more to it for me.

I saw these posters as works of art, noticing everything from skin tone and

facial expressions to hair color, pose, style and situation. Fast forward to the 90s and 

me in my 30s... I took another look at all the photos I had collected.

As I flipped through the pile, my eyes lingered over the pose of one particular woman. 

I traced her form onto paper and made a cutout. The shape seemed so familiar. 

Oh! A pair of glasses! I continued tracing and cutting frantically, creating various glasses.

I cracked up laughing at myself, as I peered into a mirror with a pair of sexy glasses on my nose.

What a great discovery. The design itself—a peephole through a pair of naked female legs—had

plenty to say, and I was elated!

This single moment generated the 'Woman in Love' Glasses Series and led to legs, 

busts and other body part cutouts, as they morphed into 3D form,

creating a sophisticated perspective of life.

Three hundred limited sets (13 pieces each) arrived at Tokyo’s specialty shop, CIBONE,

for the Christmas season. More than half were purchased by women!

I was thrilled with such praise. The entire series sold out. I was in the zone and in heaven.

Cutting, folding, destroying and recreating while listening to my favorite music, time raced by.

Of course, I won’t reveal the actual encounters or fun I had while creating the series!

To me, Woman in Love is a highly private creation, like a summer resort welcoming me 

back at any time—the eternally perfect island.

Artist: Keisuke Unosawa

Art Director: Keisuke Unosawa

Graphic Designer: Keisuke Unosawa

Creative Agency: Venus Spring Inc.

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