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Mists of entertainment


As an art director, Unosawa designed tv program logos for WOWOW Inc, which is a private satellite broadcasting and premium satellite television station in Japan.

Reflecting the content of each program, the logos were crafted like short films.

Sometimes the introduction is gorgeous, sometimes it starts with silence. 

By using the image of mists clearing away, viewers are naturally led to the main stories.

Client: WOWOW Inc.

Creative Director: Keisuke Unosawa

Art Director: Keisuke Unosawa

Designer: Keisuke Unosawa

Art: Keisuke Unosawa

Photographer: Keisuke Unosawa 

Producer: Ichiro Misu (WOWOW Inc.), Daihei Shiohama

Creative Agency: Venus Spring Inc.


Manhattan Music Magazine

The Full Moon Show

WOWOW Jazz Library


Yosui Inoue Live

Southern All Stars

Keisuke Kuwata

Yuko Hara

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