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Entrepreneurs on fire for regional revitalization

TIB -Tokushima Innovation Base-

"Dare to Change Japan and Surprise the World from Tokushima prefecture", with this message, Tokushima Innovation Base created a new platform for Tokushima- based entrepreneurs,

 companies, business owners, finance, and madia. By improving the quality and quantity of information in Tokushima, they are aiming to stop the centralization in Tokyo, and to develop 

the regional business environment. TIB believes this action will contribute to not only Tokushima but also to other communities.  With Mr. Fujita as the president of TIB and MediaDo, 

Major companies in Tokushima, such as the Tokushima newspaper, Shikoku broadcasting, the Awa Bank, the Tokushima Taisho Back, have proceeded with the project by collaborating 

with each other.  Taking advantage of each company's strengths, the professional entrepreneurs support next generations to grow. Following Tokushima, Iwate, Aichi, Kyoto, 

and Kochi prefectures have started this successful project.


Unosawa created overall design for the project including its logo and application. 


The concept of the logo

・T with a dot expresses a person reaching out for his dream.

・The color of the circle reflects the prefectural emblem.

・Logos for the other prefectures have also this dot on the first letter.


TIB's approach

・Provide lectures and workshops by active entrepreneurs.

・Support students by offering new curriculums for business and internship.

・Create coworking space.


Creative Director : Keisuke Unosawa

Art Director : Keisuke Unosawa

Graphic Designer : Keisuke Unosawa

Graphic Designer : Sarasa Kusanagi

Creative Agency : Venus Spring Inc.


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