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Sacred Air


The Heart Line Project was launched by global writing utensil manufacturers promoting a more relaxed lifestyle through a rediscovery of fountain pens. 

Entrusted with the logo, award certificate and trophy design, I made my way into Ginza for our first meeting. The office vibrated with energy as all project participants and staff were introduced. 

With a room full of fountain pen fans, we were all quite excited about what lay ahead. 

As I departed, the owner of Shosaikan, a fountain pen emporium in Tokyo’s Aoyama area approached me and asked if I would design packaging for his shop. 

A few days later I found myself turning the corner into an alley off Omotesando Boulevard, to discover Pen Boutique Shosaikan, a wonderful space featuring a garden and café. 

The concept was soothing; as our lives are overly busy, taking our time with simple tasks refreshes us. 

Fill a fountain pen with ink, wash some ink off your hands, or even sharpen a pencil the old-fashioned wayーwith a knife. Create the time to enjoy such moments; feel the slow, peaceful flow of time. 

As testimony to his dedication to this concept, you’ll find the owner’s personal collection of antique stationery items as well as brand-name writing utensils lining the walls of the shop. 

One foot in the door and you are enveloped in sacred air, like that of a church. This was a new experience to me and left me quite astonished. 

With all five senses alert, I felt the flow of this sacred air surrounding me as I captured my thoughts with a fountain pen. In the same way I was overwhelmed in the sacred space of a church, I sensed shop visitors surely feel a tingle at the sound of the pen tip sliding across paper. 

Collaboration began with the owner of Shosaikan as producer and me as designer. I had the opportunity to participate in various projects, including their business cards, shopping bags, logo and invitation to the Shosaikan Haneda Airport branch store, and a special package for the limited edition fountain pen, “myth”. The sheer confidence and determination of our shared designs will remain a benchmark in my mind forever.

Client : Shosaikan Co.,ltd.

Art Director : Keisuke Unosawa

Graphic Designer : Keisuke Unosawa

Creative Agency : Venus Spring Inc.


Limited Edition Fountain Pen - Myth -

Imagine writing a message to your newborn baby, and presenting that message to your child

on his or her twentieth birthday. Your thoughts and hopes on the day she was born transcend time, creating a moment when long-forgotten nostalgic memories come knocking on the door! 

The Myth package is a trio of boxes housing a letter, a favorite photo or memento, and a fountain pen. 

Using a specially-developed material nearly immune to degradation, these boxes were designed to last, handling repeated openings and closings without a hitch. The passion the manufactures invested in

this design and the front-line technology incorporated into the package itself reveal superior quality. The stationery and envelopes feature handmade paper from Thailand.

When the ink dries, You think of Someone...

Heart Line Project

Heart Line Project has been started by domestic and foreign stationary makers, in order to produce leisure time and heartwarming experiences for busy people today.

Every year, they commend fountain pen lovers in the world, and spread the charm of fountain pens.

Unosawa created the project logo, certificates and trophies of the commendation. 


The project concept

Why do we have less connection with others, even though we can contact them whenever we want?

Heart Line project is to cherish our relationship through fountain pens, which transform our feelings into expressive handwritings and messages.

When we write and think of somebody, our hearts are connected.


The design concept

A dove as a messenger and red string are embroidered onto the certificate and trophy, symbolizing connection between people. By filling in the recipient's name with a fountain pen, this all handmade design is completed.

Client : Heart Line Project

Art Director : Keisuke Unosawa

Graphic Designer : Keisuke Unosawa

Graphic Designer : Sarasa Kusanagi

Creative Agency : Venus Spring Inc.

URL:Heart Line Project

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