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Japanese craftsmanship and modern design


On the request of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Unosawa was in charge of a branding project, which introduced new crafts that fused Japanese tradition and modern design.

In Europe, this fusion of old and new has evolved and produced new styles. 

In Japan, on the other hand, traditional craftsmanship has been recognized only for its artistry, and is often far removed from daily life. 

Unosawa proposed a new brand concept: that traditional technique brought up in Japanese environment and created by craftsmen’s skill should be applied to today's culture and daily life.

He worked on the improvement of craftsmen’s circumstances and the revitalization of production regions, while advertising the sales of items that spread traditional craft culture. He named the brand 

"Rin", created the concept, designed the store, and the logo.

He promoted activities which connected craftsmen and designers, enabling this project to become a sustainable system and a gateway for traditional crafts.  In the OXO Tower, London, they run a japanese craft and design shop, named "Wagumi".


- The brand concept of RIN -


There are traditional skills and knowledge that have originated in Japan, and continue to be nurtured and improved through its generations.

History and tradition have proven the reliability of these practices, while these developed and sophisticated designs have earned a reputation across oceans, languages, and borders. The skills of these craftsmen and sophisticated design are now united to a new phase. The concept is “to live courageously with Japanese pride and dignity”.

The name "Rin" reflects Japanese spirituality, harmony, and coexistence with surroundings.  

"Rin" is the symbol of these elements. This logo was designed with the idea of climate, courtesy, and culture, on the basis of a Japanese family crest. The main figures on the logo are two circles.

The circle is a widely used symbol of Japan. In this case, one circle expresses craftsmanship, and the other design. Those two circles come together in the same field and create new "Rin”.


- The characters pronounced "Rin" -


凛: dignity: the state of being calm, serious, controlled.

輪: circle: round figure, to move around a center point, a group of people with social connections.

隣: next to: being very close to someone or something.

臨: to confront: dealing with a difficult situation.

林: forest: scenery with trees and ponds.

倫: ethics: moral philosophy.

Client: Rin

Agency: Lives Inc.

Creative Director: Keisuke Unosawa

Graphic Designer: Keisuke Unosawa

Architect: Keisuke Unosawa

Creative Agency: Venus Spring Inc.


URL: Rin   /  Wagmi

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