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Discovering a New World

Keisuke Unosawa’s Collection of  Works

Paper Folding Designs

I wrote the roots and process of my designs in the catalogue. I have never learnt how to draw or take pictures, but I have been inspired by many thingsーthe oceans, magazines, foreign music, nude, fashion, New York, Los Angeles, Paris and movies, all of which lead me to somewhere new.

I still remember the record jacket with palm trees and a silhouette of a couple walking in a bright sunset. This visual image invited me there. I may have been wondering between dreams and reality

since I saw it. I don't remember what made me start making cards. I was just attracted by cards, 

which appear in cool and romantic movies, and which can resonate with people's hearts.

I think cards need to have just minimal design without over‐decoration or wordiness, so that you can sear the scene into your memory. A card consists of not only itself but also the reason and the scene, and this entire combination can generate magic powers on every occasion.

My journey has just begunーdiscovering new horizons, I will deliver you my artworks filled with miracles.


Keisuke Unosawa

Client: PIE International

Creative Director: Keisuke Unosawa

Art Director: Keisuke Unosawa

Graphic Designer: Keisuke Unosawa

Art: Keisuke Unosawa

Creative Agency: Venus Spring Inc.

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