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Wisdom spring for the world

Media Do Co.,Ltd.

With rapid advances in mobile technology such as smartphones and tablets, MEDIA DO has been growing its e-book distribution business and fulfilling its responsibility in this society.

To express their willingness to take on new challenges, Unosawa created its company logo and corporate identity design.


New values have been created in unexpected encounters.

The name of MEDIA DO contains a wish to build connections between different values and,

to contribute to society in accordance with the times.

MEDIA DO strongly believes that people's minds grow through experiences,

and everyone has a range of possibilities. Respecting, 

acknowledging and celebrating each other are important factors for them to be a great organization. 



- Corporate identity -


Unosawa infused those ideas of infinite possibilities and individual growth to the corporate identity.

Each line expresses employees thinking creatively and acting independently,

while the orange line in the middle represents yourself.

The long lines on the both ends portray the individual growth of employees realizing their vision and supporting each other.



- Corporate colors -


The navy evokes the mother ocean, the source of wisdom, where people go across and carry supplies. The blue symbolizes the sky, which is connected throughout the world.

The orange stands for the sun and curiosity growing in sunshine.

The colors portray MEDIA DO delivering contents to people all over the world.

Group company logo mark

Media Do Tech Co., Ltd. Tokushima

A joint venture with Tech Information Group, a major SIer in Tokushima.

Promotes various system development and operation operations of the Media Group.


Media Do International, Inc.

Expanding the Media Do Group's business mission internationally

Expand and promote the business opportunities of authors around the world.

Client : Media Do Co.,ltd.

Creative Director : Keisuke Unosawa

Art Director : Keisuke Unosawa

Graphic Designer : Keisuke Unosawa

Graphic Designer : Sarasa Kusanagi

Creative Agency : Venus Spring Inc.

URL:Media Do / Media Do Tech Co., Ltd.

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