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Big Smiles

Jun Co.,Ltd.

Entrusted with art direction and design for an entire year of Junmen brand promotion, I visited Jun Inc.’s headquarters in Shinagawa, Tokyo. Such a promotion covers invitations, fashion shows, exhibitions, campaign visuals, seasonal design strategies, and sales announcements—the whole nine yards. 

In this initial meeting, I learned brand history, current design background, and expectations for future brand image. The meeting was so enjoyable, it seemed to be over in a flash. Then I realized something—every single member of the staff was smiling. All the time. They obviously love their jobs. 

An atmosphere of creative independence permeated the office. During the three years I worked with Jun, I was invited to their corporate golf course, the Jun Classic Country Club. The same smiling standard applied at the golf course as well. The staff was simply a happy bunch! This wonderful name-brand company engulfed fashion and lifestyle in smiles.

As we greeted each New Year, we would establish a design plan based on annual corporate scheduling. After intense discussions and confirmation of the finer points, the staff wrapped things up with a smile and said, “We’ll leave the designing up to you.” I finally figured out the secret behind the smile. Work and play need no boundaries, as long as you enjoy everything you do. Branding is the key to growth and refined sensibilities. Individual responsibility and happiness come in a set; when you fulfill a major responsibility, more happiness comes your way. Recognizing this “combo,” I have since created many designs, smiling all the way.

Client : Jun Co.,ltd.

Art Director : Keisuke Unosawa

Graphic Designer : Keisuke Unosawa

Creative Agency : Venus Spring Inc.

URL : Jun

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