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Japan Gateway

My producer (a mentor, fan and colleague all in one) and I made our way to Japan Gateway Co., Ltd.

for our first meeting, and I was moved from the start. 

“Aspiration and preparation”—the president’s words grabbed my attention.

The phrase seemed to embody the company's philosophy and its arrow-like intensity

in pursuing new ideas. Japan Gateway drives its philosophy with gale wind force,

barreling toward the top at mach speed. Japan Gateway’s one-on-one service policy,

for customers big and small, has won trust and success.

This goes for the firm’s nationwide sales team representing Japan Gateway products.

They spare no effort in enhancing and promoting products, taking joy in stimulating growth.

It is this outlook and energy that greatly inspired me.

I was first entrusted with designing Christmas and New Year’s cards—the company’s way of thanking those supporting them on a daily basis and others throughout Japan dedicating time and effort to growth and success for Japan Gateway products.

The Christmas card spotlights the sparkling products and people involved, while the New Year’s card expresses the word LOVE in bold, unswerving letters, a message as strong as the samurai spirit.

With the New Year came new challenges. A concept book would parallel business expansion, showing enhanced corporate strength combined with the flexibility of a bamboo tree.

Yet, the first challenge, determining a single new project out of the company’s hundreds of ideas,

was like selecting one arrow from a quiver of hundreds. This book would serve as the employee bible, with hints on spreading happiness through daily thoughts, behavior, and communication based on understanding of corporate philosophy. It would greet new employees during corporate initiation. 

Before starting the design, we interviewed many employees, inquiring about the company,

colleagues and individual futures. We were flabbergasted at the results. 

Every single interviewee described the president’s sole governing philosophy.

They were all of the same mind. Following the interviews, we came up with a design and completed 

the project—a concept book in the company’s brand color, red, nestled in a makeup box. 

The contents were organized into two sections. The first section, Tomorrow’s Story, 

offered inspiration for everyday issues requiring solutions, those anxious moments we all experience. The second section, Today’s Story, introduced words of wisdom from caring colleagues and words from the president himself, sure to embolden and inspire his newest corporate constituents. The concept book shines like a medal, and is only available to those ready to forge new worlds.

Client: Japan Gateway Co., ltd.

Creative Director: Keisuke Unosawa

Art Director: Keisuke Unosawa

Graphic Designer: Keisuke Unosawa

Graphic Designer: Sarasa Kusanagi

​Copywriter: Chihiro Okabayash

Creative Agency: Venus Spring Inc.

URL:   Japan Gateway

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