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The first professional basketball team in Tokushima prefecture, "TOKUSHIMA GAMBAROUS".

We believe the power of sports to ignite people's hearts.

In order to contribute to the regional professional sports promotion in Tokushima Prefecture, 

Unosawa has been working on the creative direction and the design of "Tokushima Gambarous", 

the first professional basketball team in the B-League in Tokushima.

The team name came from a Japanese word "GAMBAROU", which means "let's do our best'' in English. 

When we work on something, we always say "GAMBAROU" to cheer each other up regardless of success or failure. 

Unosawa believes this team name encourages the members to support each other.

Also, the amateur basketball team "TOKUSHIMA GAMBAROUS ALT" was inaugurated and joined the regional leagues

 (Men's Chugoku / Shikoku / Kyushu basketball league) in April 2022.

 We will support their activities together with the Tokushima Basketball Association.


Logo concept

The team logo represents Shikoku with four squares, and the yellow color is placed at the position 

of Tokushima prefecture. The checkered pattern called “Ichimatsu” means prosperity as it continues without interruption. 

The team, fans, and Tokushima will come together for victory.

Client : Gambarou Tokushima Co.,ltd.

Creative Director : Keisuke Unosawa

Art : Keisuke Unosawa

Art Director: Keisuke Unosawa

Graphic Designer: Keisuke Unosawa

Creative Agency: Venus Spring Inc.

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