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Ray of hope & Japan as Wonderland

Corazon / Noren

"NOREN" is a company which develops and markets Japanese-style items, owning its stores mainly in the Kanto and the Kansai regions.

Unosawa worked on its branding project and product development for domestic and overseas markets. Reflecting their brand concept "Japan as Wonderland", 

he designed the stores and items to convey joy, wonder, and tradition of Japanese culture. Furthermore, in order to introduce Japanese traditional food,

 "NOREN" opened up "OREN -MURO" in Tokyo, a shop specializing in fermented food such as melted rice.

Corazon's philosophy is to enrich people's minds, and to bring light to the world. In order to express its truthful beauty, Unosawa drew lights for its corporate designs. 

The first design described lights of the sun rising over the horizon and lights of refraction by raindrops. The second image portrays the impression of light shining 

through mist, with the bold typeface expressing growth and confidence of the company.

Creative Director : Keisuke Unosawa

Art Director : Keisuke Unosawa

Graphic Designer : Keisuke Unosawa

Graphic Designer : Sarasa Kusanagi

Graphic Designer : Corazon Design Team

Creative Agency : Venus Spring Inc.

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