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Bodhisatta, Zen, and an Apple

Apple Inc.

Unosawa took part in an advertising project of Apple Inc. for its business expansion in japan.

Steve Jobs asserted, "Apple's underlying sense of beauty is the worldview of Zen and 

the beauty of Japanese calligraphy, which has inspired me since I was a student. 

That is the concept we need to express and visualize in our advertisements in Japan, 

but not about product performance or about screen resolution." 

To convey his idea, Unosawa symbolically expressed the world of Zen: with an ink brush,

he drew a Buddhist saint alighting with an apple in her hands, inspired from 

the Zen artwork of Yokoyama Taikan. 

Client: Apple Inc.

Agency: Dentsu Inc.

Creative Director: Hachiro Suzuki (Dentsu Inc.)

Graphic Designer: Keisuke Unosawa

Art: Taikan Yokoyama

Art: Peter Sato

URL: Apple Inc.

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