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“Mirai Convenience Store” has won 10 international design awards


Mirai Convenience Store directed by Mr. Unosaww has won 10 international design awards. 

We received "Best of the Best" from Red Dot Design Award, one of the world's three major design awards. 

Also we received the Grand Prix "KUKAN OF THE YEAR" from the Kukan Design Award, 

which is the most famous architectural design award in Japan. It means our dream―to be the most beautiful 

convenience store in the world―has finally been realized.

Mirai Convenience Store was created in a marginal village with a population of about 1,000. 

Our regional revitalization project team has been working in this region to create the future for children living there. 

Mr.Unosawa infused this thought into the design, hoping the convenience store would inspire children and 

cultivate their creativity. We are proud to receive as many as 10 design awards, which implies our story and activity 

concept were highly evaluated. We hope that our activities will help people in Japan and around the world.


Mirai Convenience Store appears in the newspaper

In commemoration of our wins in 10 international design awards, We published an ad in the Tokushima newspaper.

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