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Mirai Convenience Store won the world's five major design awards.

Mirai convenience store in Kito village (Tokushima prefecture) received “Red Dot Design Award”, 

one of the three major design awards in the world, and “Best of the Best 2021” in the retail design category.

Kito is a small village with a population of 1,000. As one of KITO DESIGN HOLDINGS regional revitalization projects, 

Mirai convenience store was established in the westernmost community having only 200 residents. 

The store has received the award for the most innovative design “Best of the Best 2021”

Our design concept “the most beautiful convenience store in the world” came true. 

It was meaningful that our project attracted people in the world. We hope this encourages people in villages 

to have hope and courage.

Awads List

・RED DOT DESIGN AWARD 2021(Germany) Retail Design "BEST OF THE BEST"

・KUKAN DESIGN AWARD 2021(Japan) Grand Prize "KUKAN OF THE YEAR", Shop space "GOLD"

・DESIGN FOR ASIA AWARDS 2021(Hong Kong) Environmental design, Architecture "SILVER"

・ICONIC AWARDS 2021(Germany) Architecture "WINNER"


Keisuke Unosawa   Director, Creative director of KITO DESIGN HOLDINGS Inc.

Mirai convenience store is one of our messages and activities for children. The store was designed to convey 

what we want to pass down for the next generations. I hope it connects the past, present and future of Kito. 

With the locals, children and visitors from all over the world, Mirai convenience store will create our future together.


Executive Producer : Yasushi Fujita (CEO, KDH)

Creative Director / Graphic Designer:Keisuke Unosawa (Board Director, KDH)

Interior and landscape design : KOKUYO Co.,Ltd. and GEN Architects Inc.

Architect : Wataru Sato(KOKUYO Co.,Ltd.)

Architect : Koji Aoki(KOKUYO  Co.,Ltd.)

Architect : Tomoya Kuroo(KOKUYO Co.,Ltd.)

Architect : Makiko Suga(KOKUYO Co.,Ltd.)

Architect : Youhei Mitsuishi(GEN Architects Inc.)

Architect : Takuma Kanou (GEN Architects Inc.)

Lighting : Hisaki Kato(Hisaki Kato Design Inc.)

Equipment design:Norimasa Harada

Produce & Planning : ©️KITO DESIGN HOLDINGS INC.

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