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An article covering the store facility "MIRAI CONVENIENCE STORE" was published in the building industry magazine "Shop Architecture"

In the April 2021 issue of "Shop Architecture" (released on March 27), "Does the commercial space have publicity?", The store business "YUZU CAFE Co., Ltd." developed by KITO DESIGN HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. An article about "MIRAI CONVENIENCE STORE" was published by CEO: Yasushi Fujita and Director / Creative Director: Keisuke Unozawa.

"Shop Architecture" is an industry magazine that introduces Japanese store designers who design the interior and store space of buildings, space design, and store design examples.


"Shop Architecture" April 2021 issue

Special feature: "Working place" now

Special feature: Gender-neutral shop design


Series "Does commercial space have publicity?"

"Creating a convenience store in a marginal village with a population of 1000" KITO DESIGN HOLDINGS practices a seemingly absurd business in Kito, Tokushima.

It is different from general regional revitalization by domestic demand and territorial ties, and finds the potential as a business in the marginal village.

We asked the company how "super-local" commerce should be and how to develop value with an eye on the world through public nature.

Architect / Public consultant Miki Nishikura (excerpt from the beginning of the series)


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